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Phone Call July 1, 2006

Posted by InvisibleInk in MBA Prep / Logistics, Suggested Pre-readings.

Today I received a phone call from a current student at INSEAD. I think it was to encourage me to accept the offer and also to talk about any questions I might have regarding the programme. She came across as a really nice person and portrayed INSEAD as a fun place to be, which I really liked. We talked about diversity, the intensity of the programme, the parties, the accommodation, and the infamous pre-reading list.

For those who don’t know, INSEAD assigns a pre-reading list comprised of four textbooks to read before the classes start. There is one in microeconomics, one in accounting, and two in finance. Apparently one of the finance books is quite dry and not highly recommended. So I might save myself some time and get the other three instead.

Some other advice I got:

  • Take some time off from work before starting the MBA.
  • It is best to start in Singapore campus and skip the winter. They apparently also have a more chilled out attitude.
  • Best to wait until September for booking accommodation. It may be too early now. Even though there are already a lot of chateau hunters in NetVestibule.
  • Must attend the open day in October/November. It is in the middle ‘getting ready for school’ period and helps a lot to learn from current students and staff and fine tune the details.

Unlike what I heard before, apparently INSEAD’s non-disclosure policy for the marks works. The student who called me stressed that INSEAD takes a firm position and has a word with all the companies coming to campus specifically not to ask students their marks. I think this is the best way as well.

Finally, the best bit of our conversation was about the parties and the national weeks. They just had the Arab week and all the students improvised by wearing the best they could find, in this case tea towels and all sorts for a whole day of classes. Imagine being the finance professor standing in front of such a class! Brilliant!



1. jjggrr - July 5, 2006

The more I know about INSEAD the more I want to be there !!

Could you share with us the name of the book on finance to be avoided?

2. InvisibleInk - July 5, 2006

Hi jjggrr, Finance for Executives was the book that didn’t get too much praise.

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