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Found a House!!! July 30, 2006

Posted by InvisibleInk in Accomodation.

Et voila! I just paid the deposit for my room. Here are some pics of my new home for next year 🙂



I have to admit my house hunting has been a lot easier than I expected. The journey began not long ago via a short message on INSEAD’s marvellous intranet site called NetVestibule, declaring my intention to live in a Chateau next year. Although, soon after I realised that my plans might be too optimistic given that most of the chateaus are allocated to July promotion. So a small group of us started to look for a nice place that is big enough to accommodate a group of students. Living with a large group of friends is my priority. We found this beautiful cottage for eight people, a traditional party house yet also private, with a swimming pool, and not far from INSEAD. So far, we are four people. Three guys and one girl. We have decided to have mix of nationalities, mix of genders (ideally 50/50), and like mindedness amongst the residents (i.e. work hard, play hard attitude). We are doing pretty well on the nationality front and the culture but I think we will have to work on the gender. On the other hand, apparently we are doing much better than INSEAD on gender diversity. According to netVestibule there are 147 accepted students in round 1, out of which only 18 of them are women. That’s about 12%! Hmm.. I hope they do something about this..

Anyway, I am pretty excited about my new housemates. Here are some facts about us:

Nationalities represented: Venezuela, Turkey, Canada, Switzerland, France, and Spain. (Yes, some of us have dual nationalities)

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, Turkish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Interests: Partying, traveling, cooking, playing tennis, scuba diving, horse riding, skiing, playing golf, football, ice hockey, spear fishing, playing in a music band, boxing, civil rights, history, and cinema. (Blimey! No chance of getting bored!)

Background: Business Development, Consultancy, Entrepreneurship, and Engineering.

What can I say, I am looking forward to it! It will be interesting to see how this list changes once we have the other four housemates on board. Can’t wait!!!! 🙂



1. Lei - August 19, 2006

That’s a lovely house! Now I am very sure that you will enjoy your life in Paris:)

2. Clear Admit: MBA Admissions Consultants and Counselors Blog - September 6, 2006

[…] As for future and current students, Ashwyn has posted a dramatic account of his trip to the Spanish embassy in Delhi to secure a visa in preparation to attend IESE: a worthwhile read for anyone preparing to brave the bureaucracy in pursuit of international study. Meanwhile, the Divine Miss N is also preoccupied with visa and housing issues as she prepares for a stint in New York, whereas InvisibleInk is already set with a place in Fontainebleau and a crew of very diverse INSEAD housemates. Finally, DomoDomo enjoyed the second in a series of sendoffs as he gets ready to start a new chapter in France. […]

3. Auris - October 15, 2006

Dear Invisible Ink-

first of all, congratulations on your acceptance to INSEAD – I am sure you will have a wonderful year. Also, thanks for linking to my blog, I always appreciate incoming links, and I have just returned the favor.

Moreover, good to see you have already found a place to live – I know the house quite well, and it is one of the nicest around. Actually, my promotion (December 2006) held our champagne party there in the end of P3 before we all left for the summer – for pictures of the party see my previous post. Yes, these pictures were taken in your pool 🙂

Good luck with securing the financing,

4. InvisibleInk - October 15, 2006

Thank you Michael. Good to hear you views and experience of Shangri. I am very excited about it. I have seen your pictures and sent the link to my future flatmates as well. Looks like you had a great party there. 🙂

5. The end is near « Auris@INSEAD - December 20, 2006

[…] Today I am getting nostalgic. After returning from Singapore last Thursday, joining some 150 classmates of mine for our graduation trip in Val Thorens (see photos below) and spending the night at Shangri-La (thanks Will!), I am back on the Fontainebleau campus for the first time after six months. Every step brings back memories, about National Weeks, Vorspiel Friday, as well as 8:30 lectures, endless group meetings and gruelling exams. […]

6. Anne Margo Reintsema - December 1, 2007

Hello there
My name is Anne Margo and I am currently studying at INSEAD in Singapore.
I am writing to you as I am looking for a room to stay for P4-P5 (period of March-July 2008) and I am hoping to get lucky and find out if there are any rooms available in Shangri La?

Many thanks in advance for your time and help


Anne Margo
INSEAD MBA class of July 08

7. Maximus - December 20, 2007

I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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