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10 Reasons Why August 16, 2006

Posted by InvisibleInk in General.

On a more positive note today, I came across shanulk’s blog called “Strange Incidents in an Otherwise Ordinary Life”. Nice name by the way. He has done a fair bit of research on INSEAD and just got an offer. Congrats! I thought his ‘10 reasons to choose INSEAD’ would make a good case to justify the costs outlined in my previous post. In summary, you get what you pay for. Here it goes, in his words:

“ To all future MBAs let me tell you what you will miss out on if you don’t go to INSEAD:

1) Making Friends from Everywhere in the world. My batch has almost equal representation from 70+ countries.

2) The most diverse professional backgrounds. Every time I go through the “selected students” message board, I come across amazing profiles. For example there is a guy who was a team member of the US 2004 Olympics team. There is also a top model in my class. (I am already sharpening my math skills to be able to help her out)

3) An MBA in a year! It is strange why the “Ivy League” schools are still stuck with 2 year MBAs. Things have picked up since the easy paced days of the Victorian Era. You should he enterprising enough to get if done with your MBA in a year.

4) Have I mentioned the fact that though it is considered to be the best “general management” school in the world, if has the best finance professors too.

5) INSEAD’s December batches have had comparable placements with the US top 5 – Wharton, Stanford, Kelloggs, Chicago & Tuck.

6) You can stop having nightmares about loan sharks following you for the $110,000 that you need for the US top 10. INSEAD will get you a World Class MBA for about $70,000 inclusive of everything. And then you start making $$$ one year early (US Top 10 are all 2 year courses).

7) Your job is not dependent on any economy. If you graduate in a year when US economy is slowing down, you’ve had it unless you are an INSEADer – because companies from all once the world come here.

8) And companies that visit US Top 10 also visit INSEAD and pick an almost equal number of dudes and duddettes.

9) Female ratio is the lowest in INSEAD. Is this something good? Well, INSEAD selects people on basis of merit rather than to maintain a healthy sex ratio. Then there are 2 schools of thought. One, if you are a guy, you will be less distracted in your studies. Two, if you are a guy then you will make efforts to impress the one female in your group and study harder!

10) Since I want to make this a “10 reasons why” list, I will combine 2 points to make one. INSEAD gives you a fair chance to go to Wharton for 2 months. Second, you have a choice of going to Asia for a part of your course – it has a campus in Singapore too.”

Point 9 above prompted me to check the female ratio in NetVestibule. It seems like we now have 52 female students, 351 students overall. Much better than 15!



1. Whartonite - August 17, 2006

Given that the population of the world is roughly one-half female, I would hardly concur that having a low female to male ratio is proof of a merit-based system. Perhaps INSEAD ought to reconsider its program and use that extra year to reinforce probability models.

2. InvisibleInk - August 17, 2006

I partially agree with you. I don’t think a low female ratio can be regarded as evidence for merit-based system either. On the other hand, regardless of the world population statistics, business school male/female ratio is typically 80/20 all over the world. In fact, INSEAD’s last year intake’s male/female ratio was just under that, at 17%. So comparatively they are not doing too badly. But of course, it could be much better and this goes for all the business schools around the world. 🙂

I don’t quite see your point about how a longer programme could attract more females though. For me, it was certainly the other way around.

3. kunal - August 17, 2006

I am sorry if I misunderstand you Whartonite but did you just suggest that we extrpolate the world’s sex ratio to create a merit based system at INSEAD? To explain to you my (I am SHANULK) reasoning in detail, look at the corporate sex ratio, you will find it is far less than INSEAD’s 18%. Again, look at any US B-School ratio…it never changes from year to year…does that mean that mother nature churns out equally bright people in both sexes with such precision every year? Reminds me, Bush is a Harvard graduate.

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