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Got my visa, been to Goldman Sachs.. December 22, 2006

Posted by InvisibleInk in Finance, MBA Prep / Logistics.

La Republique FrancaiseIt’s been a week since I came back from the Foundations Course (I’ll write a post about it next time). I managed to use this time wisely and I got my French visa sorted. It’s incredible but I actually got my visa in 30 minutes! INSEAD students apply for a long-stay visa and luckily we don’t have to do the huge queue outside the consulate (for a change). Also, there is a special counter for long-stay visa applicants and a dedicated person to deal with INSEAD students. The lady who served me was very helpful and polite. But make sure you have all your documents with you if you don’t want to come back. For the list of documents you should e-mail them at Ls.LONDRES-FSLT@diplomatie.gouv.fr then they will give you a number to set up your appointment. The application process (appointment and issue of the visa) normally takes 2 days for British residents but if you have all your documents then you might get it the same day like me. For me this was the shortest ever processing time of all the visas I got up to now. And I have been around the block in terms of collecting visas. i.e. a colourful passport..

Goldman Sachs Logo I also attended a career event at Goldman Sachs two weeks ago. I applied at the end of November. Honestly, I was a bit surprised that they accepted my application since I have a limited finance background but when I got there the message was clear, they don’t seem to mind too much whether you have previous financial experience as long as you are very interested in the field, know what you want to do, and match up to their expectations. We’ll see if this hypothesis holds when the interviews start in February. As expected, Goldman did pretty much everything to impress. There were 25 people invited to the event (suggests either a low turn-out or selective HR dept). GS offered to fly everyone to London and put us up in a hotel down the road. We had a full day event starting with breakfast at their main building, followed by a line of impressive speakers including a partner, and panel discussions. The event also offered a chance to meet recruiters and people working in Investment Banking, Private Wealth Management, Equities and Fixed Income divisions. Overall, I am glad I applied. I learned quite a bit about the company and found a new area of interest ‘corporate restructuring’. I hear that with the private equity boom, highly leveraged companies, and potential slow down of the economy, corporate restructuring might be a good area to look into in the long-term. Apparently, GS is expanding its team and recruiting some of the top guys in the field. I also found out that we have the summer associate programme application deadline just two weeks after we start the MBA! Hard one to pull for career changers!



1. Cedric - December 22, 2006

Hi, why do you need a visa? I’m a french student, i’m going to do an internship in London and I don’t need any visa since I’m french. European citizen can travel everywhere in Europe without any visa isn’t it?

2. InvisibleInk - December 23, 2006

Yes that’s right but I am a British resident not a British citizen. Therefore I need visa. 😉

3. Inba - December 24, 2006

Dear Friend,

I am a Engineering graduate from NUS (Done Part Time) and having 12 year of experience in various engineering position in India and Singapore. I am indian citizen and Permanent Resident of Singapore and Canada. I am 34 years old and intrested to do MBA in INSEAD. Is my age is a obstacle to join INSEAD.

Thank you for your time.


4. InvisibleInk - December 28, 2006

Hi Inba,

You will be above the average age but I don’t see why you shouldn’t apply to the MBA programme on the basis of your age. I had a look at the class profile and there are 50+ students who are above 30. There are at least 6 students who are 34 and above. The eldest student is 37. In the end both your experience and your goals post graduation should influence your decision. You can consider exec MBA programme if you have been working for a long time (which you have) and achieved a decent progression in your career. Whichever the case is, you should talk to the adcom before making your mind up. Either e-mail them or pop into an MBA career fair to speak to them. They are usually very helpful in these situations and they can direct you towards the best option considering your background and your needs.


5. Clear Admit: MBA Admissions Consultants Blog » Fridays from the Frontline - December 29, 2006

[…] In student news, there’s a lot of celebration, reflection and travel this week as the fall term wraps up and the winter break begins. Managing to combine both travel and reflection, Jacek checks in from the Barcelona airport with lessons learned from term one at ESADE. Also in Barcelona, Ashwyn shares his own lessons from the fall term at IESE and Gandaki expresses his excitement at an upcoming trip to an IESE classmate’s home in Finland. At INSEAD, students in both Singapore and Fonty celebrated the end of the term in style. Hallonman describes the enjoyable excess of the end of term party and DomoDomo shares a recommendation for a great bottle of wine. Although many students are celebrating the end to the first term, some are just getting started, and InvisibleInk wrote to announce an easier-than-expected visa process in preparation for heading to INSEAD. […]

6. Lei - February 3, 2007

Hey, this sounds great. Good luck with the coming interview!

7. Sharad Malik - January 22, 2008

Hi Invisibleink

This is a great site! I have been searching all that I can on INSEAD and I must say that this page has the most practical answers.

I have worked with Thomas Cook, American Express and Vertex Data Centre( India) for a period of 5 years( 2 years as an Asst. Manager). I am currently working with a large telco in Australia as a Manager- Business Development.

I would be preparing for GMAT this year and was hoping to get a realistic idea with regards to my profile and if it would b worth applying to INSEAD incase I manage a good overall score.

Bachelors in Arts
Diploma in Hotel Management
Masters in Tourism Managment
(Most of my 5 years of work in India was in the travel indusrty)

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