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Happy New Year! December 30, 2006

Posted by InvisibleInk in General.

Happy New Year

Well, I forgot to write in time to wish everyone Happy Christmas. I hope you had a nice time over Christmas. Mine was relatively quiet compared to usual. In the past 4-5 years I have been lucky enough to go travelling but this time I am firmly put at home as my moving date is coming closer. Only a week left before I drive to Paris!

I was organising my photos the other day and one pic in particular caught my attention. It is taken on Christmas day 3 years ago. It is a bright sunny day. I have my Christmas hat on, my swimsuit and sandals, sitting by the special diving pool, listening to Jamie (our instructor) talk about decompression. This was followed by a fantastic 3 day diving at the Great Barrier reef in Australia. I just hope I can do more of that during my exchange in Singapore. I know the MBA will be very busy and hard work but I really want to take advantage of the different campuses INSEAD has.

I am looking forward to 2007. I think it will be a fantastic year. My objectives for the next year are:

– to build long-lasting friendships
– to get a great job & widen my network
– to enjoy the experience
– to travel around Asia
– and of course to survive the MBA!

If I manage to do all of these it would be truly exceptional year.

Happy New Year to you all!



1. Ashiff - December 30, 2006


Happy New Year to you too…… I am an ardent reader of your blog and let me say that you have exceptional talent in helping us… Keep up the good work…

I have applied to S07 R2 deadline and I have received a confirmation that my application is complete on Dec 28th. R2 interview decision will be passed by Jan 26th. Now when can I expect any news from INSEAD, will it be near the deadline or spread out depending on candidate’s profile

(wrong question to you right, um…., let me rephrase it….).

I would like to know the different dates in your case. It would be really great if you can help…

(wow…. sounds like right question to you… please help…)

2. dee - February 6, 2007

Been reading your bog & it sure fills a hole. I’ve just been admitted for the Class of July’08. Do keep writing more about your time at INSEAD though I’m sure it’s too hectic for us bloggers. Yes I have a blog too – strawberrytints.blogspot.com – about the entire MBA process from applying to acceptance.
Hope we bump into each other at some campus or the other:)

3. InvisibleInk - March 9, 2007

Hi Dee,

Congratulations on your admission! You will enjoy your time in INSEAD. Drop me a line when you are in campus.

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