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In Between P1 and P2 March 9, 2007

Posted by InvisibleInk in Career, General, INSEAD.

Period 1 is over. I am sitting in the back of an A310 flying home to visit my parents. Listening to Paolo Nutini, feeling the sun on my face, dreaming of the sea and the beach. Felling relaxed at last. Life is good..

I’ve been getting numerous comments on why I’ve given up posting. I just find it very difficult to find time to write but I haven’t given up. I’ll hopefully have more time this term. INSEAD has been a lot more intense than I could have ever imagined. I can’t begin to imagine the impact of last month in my life. This period was THE turning point, a huge transition. In line with what I hoped but I had doubts of the possibilities.

I have been through the recruitment marathon of INSEAD in P1 and secured a summer internship with a top investment bank. A 180 degree change. I am delighted. This investment bank takes only 25 people a year in their London office and last year they offered 90% of their summer associates full-time positions. If the economy holds up and I manage to do well over the summer, I should be able to enjoy the rest of MBA with a relative comfort of having a job waiting for me upon my graduation.

In retrospective, the last two months have been great. Now that I have a few hours to reflect, I realised how good it’s been. It is really hard to stop and think in Fonty since life goes on at a surreal fast forward speed. INSEAD is the definition of “work hard, play hard” culture. Everyone is seriously pushed to produce an outstanding performance but at the same time, we manage to make it a big fun party. I am very happy with my choice of school. Two of my professors were simply amazing, two were excellent, one was unfortunately mediocre. I really learned a lot. Probably as much as I learnt in a year in my degree but just in two months. My classmates couldn’t have been better. Everyone is extremely smart, consistent over achievers, yet they are so down to earth, friendly, and most importantly FUN people.

Time is also a very interesting concept that dominates our lives here. The MBA planet is very different to the ‘real world’. The last two months feel like 6 months. It is almost like we live in a different time and space. Yet the 16 hour day, full 7 day weeks are too short. I never knew I could do so much in a day and still feel like I haven’t done much. If you are an efficient person and have mastered time management skills, you’ll do well in the MBA. I am going through a steep learning curve to improve my efficiency level.

I am looking forward to the next three days to relax and take care of myself. It will be great to eat some great food, enjoy the weather, spend some quality time with friends and family, and get some much needed pampering!!



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2. Rahul - March 9, 2007

Is it possible to get investment banking internship if u don’t have work authorization for London?

Are most of IB internships in London or some are in Singapore too?

3. InvisibleInk - March 11, 2007

Hi Rahul,

It is extremely difficult to get an internship in IBD without work visa. A friend of mine got rejected because he simply didn’t have a work permit. On the other hand, another friend who previously worked in IBD before was told that the bank would help him to arrange a work permit for the summer. But from what I understood his was a specific case. For full-time positions there is no problem as INSEAD students are automatically granted highly skilled migrant visa and are able to work in the U.K.

All of the internships are in London. Singapore deadlines are before Jan intake starts.

4. Rahul - March 13, 2007

Hello II (InvisibleInk),

Did you have finance background? Is it almost impossible to get IB internship without finance background?

How many folks in total got IB internships?

Do you know of any Indian who got IB internship?

Best Wishes,

5. zanat0s - March 14, 2007

invisibleink i think my blog is useful to you!

6. agios - March 31, 2007

Hi InvisibleInk:

In Insead, what are the best Finance courses and who are the excellent Finance professors ? The list of Finance courses at Insead is rather short. If one is interested in a corp finance job post-MBA, would you advise them to choose Insead?

7. youssef - July 29, 2007

Hello again,

I like your blog and I would like to put a link to it on my blog.

This way, INSEAD curious blog readers that come on to my blog will get to read yours and get different perspectives. May I do so?

Please let me know at ybiadi at gmail dot com or on my blog at http://nomad-insead.blogspot.com/

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