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Soon to be an INSEAD MBA. I have been accepted to Class of December 2007 at Fontainebleau campus.



1. kunal - August 17, 2006

hello! thanks for commending my blog at “strange incidents….”. I will be sure to include yours in my next post. Also, the question remains, who is invisibleink?

2. InvisibleInk - August 17, 2006

You’re welcome.. 😉
Let’s see how long that question holds for!

3. stefanos - October 19, 2006

hey i am stefanos july 07 INSEAD i have a blog abou tinsead! we should link 2 each other. check i out at

4. InvisibleInk - October 27, 2006

Thanks Stefanos. You’re on my blogroll.

5. BossaNova Kid - November 9, 2006

Hi InvisibleInk.

This is Felipe, from INSEAD Dec07. I felt inspired by your blog and launched mine yesterday. http://felidelafuente.wordpress.com/

Your CLOSE neighbour,


6. InvisibleInk - November 9, 2006

Hi Felipe,

Great to hear from you and fantastic news!!! Welcome to world of blogging! I am delighted that my blog inspired you to start your own. Finally I have a INSEAD Dec ’07 blogmate. I put you in my blogroll. Hopefully you’ll get some traffic through me. :o)

Happy writing,

7. Post-Sub Bluesman - November 16, 2006

Hi InvisibleInk,

I’m an applicant and hopefully a future participant in the July 208 class at INSEAD. I’m currently waiting for news from INSEAD and have launched my blog named ‘Post-Submission Blues’ in between to reflect on application, etc.

Your blog nicely feels a gap: there’s a lot of INSEAD bloggers, a lot of prospective INSEAD bloggers, but very few “accepted but not yet participating” bloggers. I like this perspective and I hope to be able to continue my blog from a similar point of view in a couple of months.

I’d be happy to exchange links if you want …
Cheers and good luck at INSEAD, looking forward to reading your future posts !

the Post-Submission Bluesman

8. InvisibleInk - November 16, 2006

Thanks Post-Submission Bluesman. I never actually planned on filling a niche but yes you’re right, I guess it worked out that way. I added you to my blogroll. Perhaps a little link might have helped. ;o)

Anyway, best of luck with everything. Hope you’ll sail through the whole process!


9. wacky - March 13, 2007

Hi InvisibleInk,

I read your extensive post on MBA financing. I am in the process of applying to INSEAD for the December 2008 class. I contacted HSBC international via the number on their website regarding MBA loans and was told they don’t have any. Is there a specific contact number you can provide for the relevant department at HSBC as it seems you were able to atleast get some traction with applying for the HSBC loan.


10. sunshine - July 1, 2007

Hi InvisibleInk

I just discovered your blog today. Its so cool and really informative!!
I found out last week that I’ve been accepted to INSEAD, to start in Fontainebleau in Jan 08, so its been great to read through your posts and get an idea of what I can expect.

I had a couple of questions which I was wondering if I could ask you?

On accomodation – I think I’d like to do something similar to you – live with a group of friends with quite a work hard/play hard attitude. How did you go about organising it, particularly the working out who to live with bit? Did you just get to know people online in the NetVestibule or did you meet your housemates beforehand?

I’m also thinking of going to South America in October and November, before starting school, Looking at your blog, I think that might mean I miss out on the Open Day weekend in Fontainebleau. How valuable was this in terms of, well, everything really? Trying to work out if I should change my plans and go away for just November?

Cheers and hope you’re still enjoying INSEAD. Can’t wait to read the next installment!

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